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Catherine Altice Artwork


Mazie Jones Gallery & Upstairs Gallery

Catherine Altice - Artist's Statement

In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.  - Leonardo da Vinci

I find myself swimming around in deep, watery undercurrents in some way, shape or form.

Fluidity and decay continue to draw me in for a closer look. Ghostly dream worlds reside deep below my epidermis. It’s about diving deeper and exploring subtle subconscious connections resonating from my Southern Appalachian roots, notions of feminine beauty, and the solace I find in the natural world. These are the elements that have shaped me into an artist. The work serves as a pathway, or an in-road, to uncharted territory.

Lately, I’ve been painting and photographing rivers and bodies of water. My work tends to fluctuate between present tense and memories, daily encounters and the dream world, abstraction and representation. A multitude of layering and textures reside within the encaustic paintings. In a sense, I must remove myself from any preconceived notions that attempt to make "a landscape painting". These explorations in oil and wax evolve into whatever they want to become. Oftentimes, I begin with a base layer of fabrics, papers, and found objects. My favorite "painting brushes" are a heat gun and a mini torch.


There is an inexplicable childhood love and innocent sense of wonder I continue to carry for all the places I call home - especially the Blue Ridge Mountains and Carolina coast. Sadly, many of my childhood stomping grounds have all but vanished. I see my magical playgrounds now replaced with shopping centers, convenience stores, parking lots, and suburban sprawl.

These works serve as a way back into my heartland; the places I so dearly cherish. The sacred places where the water meets the sky. It all melds together in the end.



Artist Biography

Catherine Altice is a multimedia artist who, more often than not, incorporates painting, drawing, wax, sewing, stitching, fiber art and photography into her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. She received her Master of Fine Arts Degree (graduating with honors) in Studio Art from Johnson State College / Vermont Studio Center, 2011 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and Printmaking from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1990. Catherine is also an Appalachian State Alumnus and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications in Advertising and Marketing, 1987. She is currently an adjunct instructor of art at Appalachian State University.


Working as a professional artist for over twenty years, Catherine has exhibited works throughout the southeast and has received numerous awards, grants and honorariums. For over 10 years she owned and managed Tin Roof Gallery and Studio, located in West Jefferson, NC. For fun and profit, Catherine also enjoys making jewelry. A long time ago, she was a dancer and attended the American Dance Festival, served on the board of the North Carolina Dance Alliance, and danced and choreographed works for the Appalachian Dance Ensemble. She’s since traded in her dancing shoes for running shoes and now gets her kicks running anywhere from 2 miles up to 26.2 miles.


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