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Denise Stewart-Sanabria

Artist Statement:

These works are part of a series concentrating on large-scale representation of contemporary people that give off subtle clues as to the culture and social groupings they inhabit.  Works I do, derived from historical references, focus on the constantly changing and often absurd cultural oddities of various eras.

I enjoy using humor in the way I portray many of the ideas in my work. I find it is the best way to communicate a strong or controversial concept without offending the defensive viewer, and hence illuminate them in some small way.

When I portray contemporary people, I show them simply hanging around interacting as they go about their everyday routine.  Anything more would be unnecessary and contrived. 

I prefer to use the medium of drawing with charcoal on large sheets of plywood in order to take advantage of the graphic impact of black and white.  Its directness lets me concentrate on the human presence of my subjects.  I am also about to transform them into three-dimensional inter-related groupings by cutting them out with a scroll saw and using wedges of Plexiglas or wood base locks to make them free-standing.






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