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Artist George Handy





Mazie Jones Gallery

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Artist Madi Frink


Upstairs Gallery

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: Imagery has played a powerful role in my life; the stories that I’ve known through still and motion photography have altered my perspectives, challenged my thinking, and touched my heart. As a Senior Commercial Photography major at Appalachian State University I wanted my senior thesis to be a culmination of my desire to make compassionate connections with people and my passion for narrative photography. I decided to embark on a project aimed to connect with and express the stories of spiritual leaders in the High Country. My purpose? As my faith and spirituality have grown tremendously through my interactions in college, I hoped that my honest portrayal of each subject and their spiritual convictions would prompt my audience to consider how the sacred affects their own lives.

Entering this venture, my definition of spiritual leader was an individual who overtly places spirituality in the forefront of their life in such a way that their actions and lifestyle serve as an example, encouragement, or challenge to other like-minded spiritual followers. Some of those I photographed directly influence hundreds of followers every week while others intimately interact with a handful. Though varying in practice and divergent in beliefs, every leader compassionately intends to impact those around them, whether few or many. In my journey growing to connect with and comprehend the quality of each life, I found it nothing short of breathtaking to be in the presence of such a nobly intent and remarkably humble collection of individuals. I invite you, the viewer, to contemplate the lives behind each portrait and how the sacred breathes purpose into their daily existence. 

BIO: I love stepping into people’s stories; photography has become one of my favorite ways to do so. In May 2015 I’ll be graduating from Appalachian State University with a degree in Commercial Photography and a minor in Communications. Holly Springs, North Carolina holds my heart and my beautiful family but I cherish my last four years here in the High Country as the most influential of my life so far. My passion for photography started with the desire to slow down and live more fully. I find that making a photograph encourages me to be thoughtful, look at things in new ways, and search for the beauty in the moment. My work expresses the incredible honesty of real people and real experiences in a way that I hope connects with those who see them.





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